Frequently Asked Questions about Belgrade Apartment:

How can I make a reservation?
The reservation should be made either by phone (+381 64 194 89 07), via e-mail or by reservation form.
Do I need to send a deposit?
Only if you are staying more than 3 weeks or if you are making reservation for the New Year’s Eve.
When will I pay?
On arrival, when you receive the keys of  the apartment.
What are the minimum and maximum duration of stay?
They range from one night to some months…
Where will I receive the keys?
The keys will be handed to you on arrival by the owner or by his/her representative. We will wait for you at the apartment address.
When will I receive directions on how to reach the apartment?
After we receive your reservation we will provide you with all the necessary information on how to reach the apartment and also with the telephone numbers of the person who will meet you on arrival.
When am I expected to arrive?
You can arrive at any time.
Who should I contact in case of delay?
Phone numbers for your contact person will be provided to you, after reservation is made.
Are there any additional costs?
No, everything is included in price.!
Is linen supplied?
Yes, towels and sheets are supplied.

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