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Where to Eat

Info about places to eat, prices and quality

Where to Eat

It is really hard to answer to this question cause there are so many places where you should go and try some of our national specialties. However, you won’t go hungry during your visit. The offerings is wide ranging, from kiosks to buy burgers, sandwiches, hot-dogs, pancakes, pizza…. to traditional Serbian “kafana” or restaurants with international cuisine. One thing’s for sure; nowhere in the world will you find a better price/quality relationship, between first class service, large portions and fantastic ambiance with prices on the reasonable end of the European standard.

In all my writings, I’ve tried to be objective and point out all the good points of Belgrade, but here, as someone who knows how to enjoy good food I’m offering you my best intelligence.

Serbian cuisine is meat-based, so if you are a vegetarian you may have a problem finding a place that suits you.

Let’s start when you get up and go for a breakfast.



The least expensive option for breakfast is a bakery. Bakeries are practically everywhere in the city center. For your breakfast you must try BUREK and yogurt. BUREK is a type of pie, made with meat, cheese, mushrooms, apples, cherries or simply pastry. This high calorie breakfast will keep you full until late afternoon.

In a bakery you can also buy bread, rolls, pastry, donuts, etc., and you’ll find it hard to spend more than 2 Euros per person


If you decide to have breakfast or a snack in a fast food restaurant, you will face a great variety of different food, including hamburgers, gyros, hot-dogs, pancakes, pizzas or sandwiches. There you will be able to eat for 2-3 Euros per person. Among the fast food restaurants you will find chains such as McDonald’s and KFC as well as lots of places with Chinese food.


A kafana is a place where you can always buy a good meal and drinks. It’s like a pub, but in a Serbian way. During the night most kafanas have live music and great atmosphere! Kafanas with live music are most often found in Skadarlija, the old bohemian part of town. All kafanas have similar cuisine and prices.  But all “kafanas” are not alike. A few serve fantastic food, with large portions, great service and atmosphere – friendly and relaxed.  Three kafanas have boasted great quality and service for years:

  • ČUBURA – Makenzijeva bb, Gradic Pejton – 44.797536,20.474349 (google maps). The best barbeque in Belgrade. Great ambience, in the heart of Vračar. If you decide on this “kafana”, be sure to try the smoked pork. (dimljena vešalica)
  • STARA HERCEGOVINA – Carigradska 36 – 44.819008,20.47434 (google maps). A “Kafana” with great food and service. A large number of tables. No matter what you try on the menu, you won’t make a mistake, but don’t miss out on the pork knuckles! (svinjska kolenica).
  • KALENIĆ – Milesevska 2 – 44.801479,20.476023 (google maps) This place has a long tradition and special charm, with a nice outdoor seating area, a great location and good food.  A legendary ”kafana”. Even though there are many choices on the menu, the -ćevapi na kajmaku- are a particular favorite!

Prices vary, but for a complete meal: soup, salad, main course, desert with drinks, you will pay around 15 Euro per person.

Next to these kafanas, Belgraders will recommend others, and almost every city guide will recommend some of the “Skadarlija’s” kafanas or the oldest one -“?” (Znak Pitanja, or Question mark) …


For lunch or dinner in a restaurant, it’s hard to make a mistake. In the city centre there are lots of fantastic restaurants, offering you great service and extraordinary ambiance. Aside from the Serbian cuisine you can enjoy Italian, French, Mexican, Greek, Chinese or Japanese.

Some recommendations:

  • OPERA – Obilicev venac 30 – 44.815325,20.458873 (google maps) On the menu there are various specialties. Fantastic unique interior, nice garden, great location and above all top service are the basics advantages of this restaurant. Don’t miss out on the smoked ribs!
  • MADERA – Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 43 – 44.808574,20.469968 (google maps). Restaurant with service on highest level, beautiful outdoor seating, and a great choice of meals and drinks. Be sure to try Tatar beefsteak!
  • IGUANA – Karadordeva 2-4 – 44.820051,20.448001 (google maps) Enjoy yourselves in a restaurant on the banks of the Sava, offering a whole different concept from most restaurants: food, wine and jazz! An extremely interesting and varied menu! At the end, for those who have a sweet tooth, treat yourselves to a fantastic “urma” cake!

Price here depends on many factors.  But all of  these restaurants are worth the trip and the price!