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Main City Attractions

Explore Belgrade in the best possible way

Must See

It’s not easy to choose a few highlights to see during your Belgrade stay. But since your time is limited, why not start with the city center, and enjoy a small taste of Belgrade’s beautiful attractions.


  1. KALEMEGDAN – 44.824236,20.451175 (google maps) 

Medieval fortress and the biggest park right in the center of the city. Inside Kalemegdan you can see the Army Museum, the Observatory, the Ruzica church, the Zoo, historical monuments, underground passages, and basketball and tennis courts.  Take in the fantastic views of New Belgrade, Zemun and confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers. Kalemegdan is most beautiful during a summer sunset.


At this crossroads, you will see important things on all 4 corners.

  • Serbian Patriarchate,
  • The Cathedral Church,
  • The Residence of Princess Ljubica
  • The oldest kafana in Belgrade – Question Mark.

       3.  REPUBLIC SQUARE – 44.816261,20.460252 (google maps) 

Main City Square! This is the most popular meeting point for Belgraders and where to find the National Theater, National Museum and the Prince Mihailo monuments.

  1. NATIONAL ASSEMBLY – 44.811633,20.465638 (google maps)

        5. NIKOLA TESLA MUSEUM – 44.805057,20.470723 (google maps)

Nikola Tesla is one of Serbia’s most famous native sons. His inventions have changed the world. In the museum dedicated to his life and work you can see what made a great scientist and engineer tick.

  1. SAINT SAVA TEMPLE – 44.797794,20.468381 (google maps)

The second biggest Orthodox temple in the world is dedicated to the first Serbian patriarch. It is located in Karadorde park.

       7. SKC – 44.80629,20.464733 (google maps)

This is one of our best-known sights and a meeting point for young people. Through the ages SKC was the most happening concert venue. In the market around SKC people sell hand made jewelry and old records.

       8. OLD AND NEW PALACE – 44.810499,20.462635 (google maps)

The Old Palace was the residence of the Obrenovic Family, which ruled Serbia during part of the 19th century. Today, it houses the City Assembly.

The New Palace was the residence of the Karadjordjevic family, which ruled Serbia during 19th and 20th century. Today it is the office of Serbian president. These palaces are next to each other.

By following this route, you will pass by many interesting buildings, parks, fountains and you will walk through some of the most beautiful streets in Belgrade.

If you stay more than few days in Belgrade, you can take the time to see many other sights as well!

If you are using smart phone, feel free to download “Belgrade Talking” app. You will find many interesting info about main city attractions. You can download it here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hub.bgtalking&hl=en