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Parking in Belgrade

Where to park and how to pay for it. Basic parking rules


Parking in Belgrade is becoming a big problem. More, better cars, on the streets cause traffic jams and make searching for parking spots very difficult.

To address the problem and discourage traffic and long term parking in the city center, the Parking Service decided to split the city into zones. Also, this way, people who live in the city center can find a parking spot.

But Belgrade doesn’t have a metro, and busses and trams are disorganized, so a great number of Belgrade residents still drive into the city center. Belgrade life is harder if you can’t finish your business in the city center in an hour, two, or three.

Parking in the city center has been split into three zones:

  • RED – parking in red zones is allowed for 60 minutes.
  • YELLOW – parking in yellow zones is allowed for 120 minutes.
  • GREEN – parking in green zones is allowed for 180 minutes.

Charges apply from 7h until 21h every work day and from 7h until 14h on Saturday. On Sundays parking is free.

Payment for parking can be made by text messaging to the number written on the signpost for that zone. When you open a new message, depending from zone in which you are located, you should send:

  • RED –your registration number to 9111
  • YELLOW –your registration number to 9112
  • GREEN –your registration number to 9113.

If you’ve sent a message right, you will get a conformation that the payment has been done. Save this message, because it’s the only evidence of your payment.

If the time you paid for passes, you must send another massage to extend your parking time. You will receive a message with a notice that your parking has been expired.

Price for parking depends on where you parked your car:

  • RED – 56 RSD = 0.46 Eur
  • YELLOW – 38 RSD = 0, 31 EUR
  • GREEN – 31 RSD = 0.25 EUR

This amount will be charged to your phone bill!

If you don’t have a mobile phone, you can buy a parking card at a kiosk or from a uniformed Parking Service Worker, wearing a hat, badge, and carrying a PDA device. Parking Service Workers are hard to catch, because they are moving all the time!

When you buy a parking ticket, you have to fill it out and put it on your dashboard! For each zone there are parking tickets. Parking ticket should be filled out with year, month, day, hour and minute when you started your parking. The best place to put parking ticket is on your dashboard, where it will be visible through the windshield of your car.

Parking in a public garage is safe but very expensive. It costs 50-100 RSD = 0.4 – 0.83 EUR for each hour.

If you forgot to send a text, or to buy a parking ticket to pay for parking, a supplemental charge will be on your windshield.  (1870 RSD = 15.58 EUR) This ticket allows you parking for 24 hours from the time written on the ticket.

Supplemental tickets should be paid within 8 days; otherwise you will have legal consequences. They will sue you, and you will pay the ticket and court costs.

If you parked your car properly, on a marked parking spot, your vehicle will not be towed away. If you parked on spots reserved by a yellow marking, in a green area, zebra stripes… your vehicle will most likely be towed. The penalty for inappropriate parking and towing is around 90 EUR.