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The price of taxis is what most tourists are afraid of when arriving in an unknown city. We want to help in preventing you from overpaying for short rides, just because you may not know about our city and language. Most taxi drivers are honest people, but there are some predators, who wait for “victims” at the rail stations and airport, and charge two or three times the going rate.
The easiest way to get a legal taxi is using TAXI.EU APP. Feel free to download it and get your taxi easy and fast!


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There are a several legal taxi associations. When you choose a vehicle that is a member of these associations, you reduce the risk of being overcharged. The biggest taxi associations in Belgrade are:

  • ZUTI
  • PINK
  • GOLD
  • ALFA
  • BELL
  • LUX

The safest way to get a legal taxi is by telephoning. Every taxi association has dispatchers, who will send you the nearest car, generally within five minutes. Just tell the operator the address where you want the taxi to pick you up, and you will be told how soon the taxi will arrive.

Contact phones of the biggest associations are:

  • BEOGRADSKI: (+381 11) 19801
  • ZUTI: (+381 11) 19802
  • PINK: (+381 11) 19803
  • MAXISS: (+381 11) 19804
  • PLAVI: (+381 11) 19805
  • GOLD: (+381 11) 19806
  • ALFA: (+381 11) 19807
  • BELL: (+381 11) 19808
  • LUX: +381 11 30 33 123

All legal taxis have registration plates ending with “TX!”


Taxi rides have three rates, tariff 1, 2, and 3, which are charged as follows:

TARIFF I – charged from 06.00 – 22.00h, city area

TARIFF II – charged from 22.00-06.00h, on Sundays and holidays, city area

TARIFF III – charged to drive outside the city.




140 rsd = 1.20 eur 140 rsd = 1.20 eur 140 rsd = 1.20 eur
KILOMETER 55 rsd =0.47 eur 70 rsd = 0.6 eur 110 rsd = 0.95 eur
HOUR OF WAITING 750 rsd = 6.5 eur 750 rsd = 6.5 eur 750 rsd = 6.5 eur

Prices could be changed. For exact info please visit:  http://www.beograd.rs/cms/view.php?id=201690

During the ride, look at the taximeter, always visible to the customer, which shows which tariff is being charged.  Keep an eye on the price of the ride. If the driver didn’t turn on the meter or if it’s turning over too fast, mention it to the driver.

Luggage does not cost extra!


Overcharging by illegal drivers, the biggest problem, impairs the reputation not only of honest, hard-working drivers, but also the honest Serbians, because the taxi driver is one of the first persons you meet in our country.

Cab drivers waiting to “rip you off” are often found at bus and rail stations and taxi stands near nightclubs, shopping malls, big concerts and mass events.

Illegal taxis look like legal ones. The registration number and the taximeter are the differences! In an illegal taxi, the meter keeps rolling over! If you see something unusual, tell the driver to stop and get out of the vehicle. If the driver is at all threatening, just call the police! Don’t listen to excuses, con jobs or tall tales.

Be especially wary of legal drivers calling themselves “independent taxi drivers”. They are easy to recognize by the white sign with only “taxi” written on it.  They offer you expensive rides in expensive cars. Such vehicles may cost you 30% more than a ride in a cab belonging to a taxi association mentioned above.

There isn’t any real protection and you will have to look out yourselves, the best option probably is to buy local sim card as soon you arrive to Belgrade. Price is 200 dinars (less then two euros) and using it will save you money even if you use it just for calling a taxi!